Iceland in Words – Day 10

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And so I’d come to the final day of my trip to Iceland. By this time, I was feeling like I’d seen all there was to see in Iceland; at least everything that I had time and access to. It felt odd to wake up and eat breakfast without worrying about having a car to pack and drive off in.

After a short walk around the area, all I had left to do was pack my bags and hop on a shuttle bus to visit the the famous Blue Lagoon geothermal spa. Located on the Reykjanes Peninsula and about forty five minutes southwest of Reykjavik, the bus ride allowed me to take in yet another part of the island that I had not yet had a chance to see during my travels.

Arriving at the lagoon a bit before noon, I was looking forward to two and a half hours of lounging in the vibrantly coloured hot springs. In general, I was expecting a similar experience to that which I had had at the Mývatn Nature Baths.  However, this would not end up being the case.

Despite being a bus full of tourists with pre-bought entry, we were forced to use the line for “Individuals”. This on its own would have been fine, except that the employees at the three check in desks frequently walked away from their desks leaving one or even zero people to handle the entry of the sixty some people from the bus (not to mention those from other buses that had arrived around the same time us). This was especially prevalent when those who were actually considered groups showed up, got the full attention of about half a dozen employees and were whisked through the entrance in under five minutes. An hour after entering the Blue Lagoon’s entry line, a handful of the people from my bus were forced to watch yet another group receive their locker wristbands and pass through the turnstiles mere minutes after arriving. Finally, one of the employees had everyone with the pre-bought entry ticket form a new line and quickly exchanged wristbands for our slips of paper. Why it took an hour for this to happen is beyond me, but it left me with less about an hour to change and enjoy the pools before I’d have to worry about getting cleaned up and finding a spot on the bus to the airport.

Upon entering the pools, I actually ran into one of the new friends I had made at Jarðböðin. This wasn’t a complete surprise as I’d kept in touch with them and knew they were going to be there that day. I had actually been hoping they’d be staying in Reykjavik the previous night as it would have given me someone to experience the capital’s night life with, but that wasn’t case. Nevertheless, I had intended to hang out with them at the pool as well, but due to my delay getting in the two of them were already on their way out. I was offered a ride to the airport, but having just gotten in the pool myself I initially opted against. However, I quickly found that my time at the Blue Lagoon was nothing like what I had had in Mývatn. Despite being advertised as water between 37 and 39 °C, I found it rather tepid and the atmosphere of the pool was nowhere near as enjoyable as my previous spa experience. Reconsidering my friends’ offer, I managed to track them down and spent my remaining time seeing the countryside, the Keflavík airport and catching up with them on the rest of their trip.

The Blue Lagoon put a bit of a damper on what was otherwise an incredible trip, but the tenth and final day of my trip to Iceland was no less memorable as the nine that had come before it.

Highlight of the Day: As much as I would love to say I had a great time at the Blue Lagoon and it was an awesome finish to an amazing trip you can see above that that simply wasn’t the case. Instead the favourite part of my final day in Iceland was running into my two new friends, and exchanging the stories about the latter halves of our respective journeys.