Iceland in Words – Day 9

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Day nine started out with a bit of a setback. Hotel Hellnar was one of only a handful of guesthouses I stayed at that were actually within a village. Ironically, it was one of the more connected hotels that ended up having technical difficulties with their computers and checkout process. It took an additional hour, but I was eventually on my way.

Overall, it was a pretty uneventful day of driving back Reykjavik. As a result, I opted to drive the scenic route around the fjord, Hvalfjörður rather than use the five kilometre tunnel that runs underneath its mouth. At the end of the fjord sits Glymur, Iceland’s highest waterfall. I had added it to my list of plans the previous night, however upon arriving there it ended up being a bit further of a hike than I had time for. As much as I wanted to see it, I would have hard time doing while also getting my car back to the rental office on time. Even so, the scenery along the fjord itself was well worth the detour.

Upon arriving back in Reykjavik, I was supposed to be staying in the same hotel I had on the first night of my trip. However, due to overbooking I was moved to one of their other buildings further down the street. Outside of a short walk (only because I turned down the hostess’ offer to pay for a cab), it was no hassle at all. It actually worked out as I was now located slightly closer to Reykjavik’s downtown and a a few landmarks I wanted to visit (or in some cases revisit).

With some time to spare at the end of the day, I made sure to stop by Nordic Visitor’s offices. Not only did I need to return the phone they provided me, but I also intended to take part in a video review program they were running. Unfortunately being a Saturday, there was only one employee at the office and we were unable to do the video. He still provided me with a souvenir though, which was a book of amazing pictures of the country.

With my trip in its final days, I felt it wouldn’t be complete without experiencing the Reykjavik night life that I had heard so much about. Out of my entire trip, it was really only the nights in the capital that I wished someone else had come with me. Going the bar solo just wasn’t the same, and as a result I didn’t ended up staying out all that long.

Highlight of the Day: Without many sights on my schedule for day nine, the highlight was actually the drive around Hvalfjörður. It was a beautiful Autumn drive, and was relaxing with a number of mountains to the left and the fjord to the right.

Dinner: For my last Icelandic dinner I settled on a steak sandwich at Cafe Paris. It was actually the first beef dish I had seen on a menu, much less that I had eaten during my trip. It was pretty good, though nothing special.