Off to the finals we go!

Well, we did it! It’s been a long, mostly successful season and at long last there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. For three seasons, basically a little over a calendar year, I have been playing in the Forest City Sports and Social Club. Around this time last year my team was attempting to win a game that would prevent a last place finish. This time last season my team was in the exact same situation. Somehow we managed to escape the cellar both times.

This season has been a whole different story, our team has lost only once, and have one tie to go along with eleven wins. Tonight the playoffs began, and we found ourselves in an entirely different arena. A game of soccer, with the victor going to the league’s Championship game. The catch: our opponents were a team who we’ve had quite a bit of history with. We played them in a very heated game of basketball game last season (which thankfully ended in a tie). This time around didn’t disappoint either, with a back and forth struggle.

It’s no secret, soccer is my sport. My friends know it, my teammates know it, and I was feeling the pressure as a result. Especially with the prospect of facing what I can only term as a Wall guarding the gate that is their net. By the time of kick off, I had been feeling rushes of adrenaline off and on for over 24 hours and I just wanted to get it over with. And no, the half dozen messages I received once the random playoff sport was revealed did not help.

And alas! All the anxiousness turned out to be for naught, as we won 3-2 in overtime and I didn’t tally a single mark on the goal sheet. Sure I blocked a lot of shots,, but I would argue it was our team’s best overall effort since we started playing together last season. It couldn’t have come at a better time, as everyone played their absolute hearts out.

Now we’re off to the finals; one more game with everything on the line. There’s one more snag of course: our combatant? That would be the team that delivered us our only defeat, and handily … in floor hockey way back in week six. That can’t possibly be the sport that decides our fate … right?

Next Wednesday, I’ll don my pink, unicorn shirt for the final time (on the sports field, anyway) and attempt to help my team achieve immortality! Okay, it’s not THAT big a deal, but winning comes with a neat little trophy and another new t-shirt. Who wouldn’t want that?