Sorry, boot-what …?

I was trying to decide when to talk on here about the fun part of my life. You know, besides planning an Iceland trip, listening to awesome new music, and playing board games … wait, do people have non-fun times in their life?

In this case though, I am of course talking about the playing of sports. There is absolutely no activity that I would rather be doing if given the choice. To say that I live for athletics would be a gross understatement. Anyhow, I thought what better time to do than just after I’ve played a sport quite unique to the league that I currently play in. You see, I play in a coed sports and social league in which each week we rotate through a different sport  including soccer, dodgeball, basketball, and others. Personally, I think we’ve fielded a great team this season; everyone’s got their sports (and those who don’t have the social game down pat).

This particular week involved a good old fashioned game of bootball. All those who have yet to play the sport are asking, what in the world is bootball? Well you see, you take a football and you play basketball with it, throw in a dash of ultimate frisbee and you’re done. Sounds simple enough right? I mean obviously you can’t dribble and therefore can’t actually move with the ball. In the end, you pass the football and advance towards the opposing hoop. If the ball hits the ground it’s a turnover (yes that includes on the unpredictable rebounds off the backboard and rim … good luck with that).

All in all, bootball is a surprisingly fun sport and not to toot my own horn, but I think it’s our team’s best sport of the six that the league rotates through. I mean we’ve got two of the league’s best rebounders, several players who can nail a shot from just about anywhere (even with the random bounces a football brings), and just an overall great sense of how to move the ball down the court. It’s a young sport, but who knows we may be on our way to becoming its first pros. Okay, that may be taking a bit too far but it’s definitely a fun sport to play with a group of friends. Go out, try it … if you have any confusion about the rules, don’t be afraid to ask!